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Examples of our repair workshop workmanship

This page demonstrates just what our clever workshop chaps can do - always feel free to call and ask if we can resolve your propeller problems, before you resort to buying new.

Taking a neglected Max-Prop back to ‘as new’ condition.

Typically when a feathering propeller is very old or has been neglected and run without grease, wear can be felt as ‘looseness’ in the blades.  If this is minimal it is not worth doing anything about and won’t cause any problems.  If on the other hand it is severe, with tip play of around 5mm or more, (as in the case shown here), the propeller can be reconditioned by us to almost as new condition.  As well as dealing with the wear, the propeller will routinely be cleaned, balanced and re-finished.
Propeller straightening
Propeller welding
Propeller pitch adjustmenmt
Propeller balancing



Watch the videos below

Before and after videos of the ‘tip play’ - and in its repaired state

Neglected and worn out with 5mm tip play

Excessive ‘tip play’ repaired and as solid as a rock!

Neglected and worn out with 5mm tip play

Polished, balanced and ready for action again!