“After seven years of being what seemed to be the slowest boat on the Solent under sail, I am delighted to say my SP cruiser can now hold its own against other heavier sailboats. The new max prop has added at least a knot to our sailing performance and it often feels more compared to our previous 3 blade fixed prop. I expect to more than double the amount of pure sailing rather than motor sailing we will do.”

“Initially under motor the prop seemed noisier than I expected but this was due to the new cutlass bearing and has now settled down to be no louder than my previous prop. After over 200 miles of use, I can report that in forward the max prop seems to provide as much thrust across the full rev range as the previous fixed prop. The five blades coming into their own in heavier weather enabling perhaps a knot higher speed to be maintained. In reverse the power is much better than the fixed prop.”

“Overall an excellent piece of engineering and I wish I had made the investment years ago.”

Jonathan Thompson Island Packet SP Cruiser - 5B Max-Prop Whisper