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Benefits of a Feathering Propeller

Vancouver 34 yacht with 18” 3B FeatherStream propeller

We often get asked “what are the benefits of a feathering propeller?”

Well, if you spend more time sailing than motoring, or you enjoy the odd race, fitting a feathering propeller to your yacht is a worthwhile investment. Independent tests of our FeatherStream prop demonstrated that sailing hull speeds can be increased by as much as 15% compared with a fixed 3 blade propeller.

Combine that with the additional control you get at close-quarters under power and you have a winning combination.

Here are some more reasons why changing to a feathering prop this season could be a great move:-

Fitting and Maintaining a Feather Propeller

Servicing the FeatherStream prop removing limescale

FeatherStream propellers are manufactured to fit the existing shaft or saildrive leg and are delivered fully assembled and ready to go. They are as easy to fit as a normal propeller.

Maintaining your FeatherStream is quick and easy. Consider servicing your prop as part of your overall annual maintenance schedule. Once a year it needs to be topped up by injecting it with grease. The zinc anode protects the propeller from electrolysis and needs to be replaced as necessary.

View our blog on Servicing your feathering propeller.

Benefits of a feathering propeller by a Boatbuilding expert

See what one of the boat building experts at Practical Boating had to say about the benefits of a feathering propeller…

Benefits of a feathering propeller

“I had a three-blade Volvo folding prop on the wing engine of a motor cruiser some years ago and this gave remarkable performance compared with the two-blade prop I previously had fitted.

Increased performance of a feather prop

“You’ll not lose enough motoring performance to worry about, but the increase in sailing performance will be noticeable and will also reduce wear on the gearbox if you currently let the prop freewheel when sailing. If you have a shaft brake then this will become redundant.

“There’s a fairly wide choice of folding and feathering propellers – the biggest difference being price – but I’d consider it money well spent.”

Buying a feathering propeller

If you are considering buying a feather propeller contact us for a chat – or call us on 01929 556 512 – we are always happy to discuss your yacht model and sailing habits and suggest the most appropriate configuration.

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