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Bowman Yachts

Bowman 36

Bowman Yachts is a sub-brand of the British yacht maker Rustler Yachts, which are based in Falmouth, Cornwall. They are well-known for the high-quality workmanship, hand crafting traditional styled ocean-cruising yachts using glass fibre composite.

Bowman was an independent company for many years, before merging with Rival Yachts to form Rival Bowman. Rival was acquired by Rustler Yachts in 2002, when the company went into receivership, and they brought the manufacturing to the Falmouth yard.

The new facility not only had far more internal space to scale up production, but much more external storage area, enabling the yard to take on more extensive re-fit and maintenance work.

Both yacht marques continued to be built in the same factory before Rival added the Starlight brand to the group.

Bowman Sailboat Range & Popular Models

The Bowman Yachts Range consists of six main models:

Bowman 36

The Bowman 36 is a long-keeled offshore cruiser that was designed by Holman & Pye and built at the Bowman Yacht yard. It was a winner of the 1970 Ear’s Court Boat Show award for cruisers. The majority of36’s built were ketch-rigged, but a few had the Bermudian sloop configuration.

Bowman 40

The Bowman 40 was primarily designed for taking serious sailors offshore in all types of weather and sea conditions. It is a medium-to-heavy displacement yacht designed to sail across open oceans with ease. She is deep-bilged with an overhanging bow and narrow-ish shoulders, so her motion through the water is powerful, but a stable  performer.

Bowman 42

The Bowman 42 builds on the great heritage of the Bowman 40. Performance has been enhanced with a whole host of refinements including a deeper draft, new skeg and rudder profile. The Bowman 42 established her own ocean sailing pedigree, with the Bowman 42 “Eternity of Hamble” winning her class in the ARC Transatlantic Rally and finishing 5th overall. It was one of four yachts from the Rival Bowman class that took part in the event. The 42 was designed by the top cruising yacht designer, Chuck Paine.

Bowman 45

The Bowman 45 yacht is an outstanding long-distance cruising yacht that boasts many of the luxurious elements of its bigger sister the Bowman 48. This is a yacht offers genuine luxury accommodation whilst ensuring that her crew can sail in complete confidence in her ability to handle the harshest of conditions.

As with all yachts in the Bowman fleet, the interior of the 45 can be tailored to your own specification meaning that every Bowman has that custom-built feel.

Bowman 46

The Bowman 46 is a 46ft masthead yawl that was designed by Homan & Pye and built at the Bowman yard. It is a heavy sailboat that is slightly under powered. However, it is stable and stiff making it ideal for bluewater crusing. It can accommodate 5 people in 2 cabins plus salon.

Bowman 48

The Bowman 48 is the big brother to the 45 and have long been recognised by British sailors as being one of the finest British built designs offered to the conservative, long-distance sailor. The 48 is famous for its stability and seafaring qualities and being easy to sail single-handedly as well as having the space for plenty of crew when needed. The Bowman 48 is available in two versions – the well-known Aft Cockpit (AC) and the Deck Saloon (DS). Down below you will find three spacious cabins, a comfortable interior saloon plus large liner gallery.

Drag Reducing Propellers For Bowman Yachts

Darglow have supplied drag reducing props for many of the models in the Bowman yacht range. We keep an expanding database of technical information on many of our installations along with feedback from our customers.

Check our full list of Bowman Yachts we have supplied propellers to here.

Rope Cutters for Bowman Yachts

We have supplied rope cutters for various boats in the Bowman Yacht range. We keep a database of technical information on many of our installations along with feedback from our customers.

Check our full list of Bowman Yachts we have supplied rope cutters for here.

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