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Is a Featherstream propeller pitch adjustable?

Yes. The FeatherStream propeller is pitch adjustable. When we make a propeller for a customer the pitch is calculated (based on the yacht, displacement, length, beam, engine, shaft speed etc) and the propeller is supplied at that pitch to allow near to full rpm at throttle wide open.

If however in light of having used the propeller you think that the pitch should be altered (increased or decreased) then we would ask you to complete a simple sea trial so that we can see how the propeller is performing ( full instructions can be emailed to you on the information that we would need).

We can then help to decide what pitch adjustment is necessary. A replacement pitch cassette and a special tool for taking the original one out of the propeller is posted to you.

You can watch the video on how to adjust the pitch of your FeatherStream propeller here.

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