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INNOVATION THROUGH MARINE EXPERIENCE... Manufactured here at Darglow, the FeatherStream yacht propeller is a simple solution to many problems that can be caused by fixed propellers. When sailing, the propeller automatically feathers to give minimum drag, improving your average sailing speed by as much as 15% compared to a fixed 3 bladed prop.

  • Available in 12-24" diameters
  • 3, 4 and 5 Blade options available
  • Shaft Drive & Sail Drive models
  • Suits shaft diameters up to 50mm (1 3/4")
  • Pitch adjustable for fine tuning
  • Sail up to 15% faster
  • Less prop walk

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With our 3 year warranty, we believe the FeatherStream to be one of the finest drag-reducing propellers in the world!

Sailing hull speeds can be increased by as much as 15% compared to fixed 3 bladed propeller.

Individually hand-built for each and every customer, every FeatherStream is different.

With greatly improved reverse thrust over a fixed propeller, it is as powerful in ahead as it is in astern, giving less prop-walk and outstanding close-quarters manoeuvrability. No need for a shaft brake, the shaft remains stationary when sailing.

Your FeatherStream is delivered fully assembled and ready to be fitted by you or your engineer. They are easy to fit and go on like your conventional fixed propeller.

The FeatherStream has a nickel aluminium bronze body, stainless steel 316 heat treated blades and an external pitch adjuster allowing for fine tuning.

Maintenance is easy. All that is needed is to inject grease once a year (usually on haul out) and change the zinc anode when necessary. Darglow offer a full range of spare parts along with replacement anodes to suit.

The FeatherStream is compatible with rope cutters. For Sail Drive models the HydroAxe rope cutter requires no modifications on the propeller. For the Stripper Rope Cutter an adapter plate is used.

The FeatherStream SAILDRIVE models are currently available for ZF SD15 Saildrive/ZF SPPSB80 Saildrive, Yanmar SD20 Saildrive/SD25 Saildrive/SD31 Saildrive/SD40 Saildrive/SD50 Saildrive/SD60 Saildrive, Volvo Penta 120S Saildrive/MS25 Saildrive/130S Saildrive/150S Saildrive models and Seaprop 60 Saildrive models.

Take our FeatherStream for a spin!

**  Drag the image below with your mouse to see the FeatherStream in action  **

**  Drag the image above with your mouse to see the FeatherStream in action  **

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