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Hanse Yachts

Hanse Yachts

Hanse Yachts was founded in 1990 as a brand-new, state-of-the-art shipyard. It grew from being a small boat and repair yard in the Greifswald region that was well known for its shipbuilding and craftsmanship traditions that stretched back many years.

Today, Hanse Yachts is the second largest sailboat manufacturer in the world having acquired several premium yacht brands along the way including Dehler, Privilege, Moody, Fjord and Sealine. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of seagoing, series-produced sailing and motor yachts and of luxury catamarans in its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

The company offers monohull sailboats under the Hanse, Dehler and Moody brands as well as catamarans under the Privilège brand. Motorboats are sold under the Fjord and Sealine brands. The Hanse yacht range encompasses an impressive choice of yacht sizes from the 315 (31 ft) to the 675 (69 ft). Their focus has always been on quality and engineering in true German style.

Hanse Yachts early years

Hanse Yachts originated from an old-established shipyard for fishing cutters and other workboats in the early 1990’s.

In 1993, Hanse unveiled the first ever series-produced yacht, the Hanse 291 at the Hamburg International Boat Show. It was the first yacht to be fitted as standard with a self-tacking jib and soon became a best-seller not only in Germany but also throughout the rest of the world.

In the late 1990’s Hanse Yachts collaborated with the world-famous yacht design and engineering firm Judel / Vrolijk & Co to build the Hanse 371. The modern yacht with sleek lines yacht was such a big hit with sailors the partnership with the Bremerhaven based yacht design team is still going strong today. In 1999, the Hanse 371 was crowned ‘European Yacht of the Year’.

By 2003, Hanse were the first yacht manufacturer to build a series-produced yacht that measured over 50-feet. The Hanse 531 was unveiled at the Genoa and Hamburg Boat Shows and wowed visitors, not only with their sheer size, but also their loft-style interior design.

Brand acquisitions

Over the next few years, Hanse expanded its marine offering with a series of brand acquisitions. Up until now, the company had focused purely on manufacturing sailing yachts, but in 2006 it acquired the majority share in Fjord Boats, the Norwegian powerboat manufacturer and started selling seagoing powerboats.

In 2007, Hanse added the English sailing yacht brand Moody and went on to expand their popular range with deck saloons and aft cockpit models. As the growth continued, Hanse became the first yacht manufacturer in Germany to be listed on the stock exchange. By 2008, the expansion plans of the company were further cemented with the enlargement of the Greifswald plant and the construction of a sister facility in Goleniów. The new building added further capacity and enable the business to respond to growing demand for ever-bigger sailing and motor yachts.

In 2009, Hanse acquired Dehler – the world leader in the cruiser / racer segment. Dehler has sold more than 25,000 sailing yachts since 1963 and enjoys a strong position in the German sailing market – in fact 13% of all sailing yachts on seas, lakes and waterways throughout Germany bear the brand name of Dehler.

Towards the end of 2012, Hanse brought all the Dehler manufacturing inhouse and relocated the yacht production to its lamination plant in Goleniów and main factory in Greifswald.

Hanse continued to expand its motor yacht offering with the purchase of the plans, moulds, parts list, and equipment of the popular Sealine portfolio – another acquisition that would clearly establish the boat manufacture as market leaders.

Privilege Catamarans

In June 2019, Hanse purchased the luxury French catamaran-builder Privilege that were in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France and immediately got a foothold in one of the fastest growing markets for sailing and power catamarans.

Hanser Yacht Models

Hanse 348 Official Video

Hanse 418 official video

Hanse 588 official video

Hanse 675 official video

Drag Reducing Propellers for Hanse Yachts

Darglow have supplied drag reducing props for many of the models in the Hanse yacht range. We keep an expanding database of technical information on many of our installations along with feedback from our customers.

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Rope Cutters for Hanse Yachts

We have supplied rope cutters for various boats in the Hanse Yacht range. We keep a database of technical information on many of our installations along with feedback from our customers.

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