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Maintaining your FeatherStream Propeller

MOODY 31 with FeatherStream Prop

Your FeatherStream propeller is supplied fully assembled and filled with grease with everything required for your first year. On your first haul out you will need to carry out some maintenance so we have written this handy “maintaining your FeatherStream propeller” tip sheet!

FeatherStream Propeller Maintenance

There is no need to disassemble the propeller to carry out any maintenance! If at any time you are unsure about the fitting requirements or maintaining your FeatherStream propeller – please contact the Darglow team – we are happy to offer personal assistance before your proceed!

Anode for your Propeller

Zinc anodes replaced when maintaining your FeatherStream propeller

The Zinc Anode is there to protect against galvanic corrosion and very low level electrolysis. This is designed to be used in addition to other anodes on the boat (hull, shaft anodes etc). If it is the only anode on the boat it is likely to be consumed quickly! The rate at which the anode is consumed varies greatly and is driven by the environment in which it is in. Our customers report Zincs lasting anything from 2 months to 2 years!

Most owners need to change the anode once per year (or less often) but in some rare circumstances it may not last a whole season, so it is advisable to check it periodically.

When the anode is being replaced, make sure that the mating face between propeller and anode is clean. You can use an abrasive paper or Scotchbrite to remove fouling. This will ensure good electrical contact around the base of the anode. Please remember to use thread locker on Anode fixing bolts!

Replacement anodes can be purchased online here – simply choose the correct anode for your boat.


As with any bronze propeller, regular hull anti fouling should not be used on the propeller. There are many propeller anti fouling products available and almost any can be used provided the manufacturer states clearly that the product is safe to use with bronze/stainless steel propellers. The only exception is the thick grease type products that require the propeller to be heated before application.

NB – Applying excessive heat to the propeller may cause the grease inside the propeller to break down.


Grease and gun applicator used when maintaining your FeatherStream propeller

The grease inside the propeller needs to be topped up at least once per year. The greasing point can usually be found on the side of the propeller hub. Earlier models will have a greasing point beneath the Anode. The greasing point will be blanked with a grub screw. This will require a 3mm Allen Key for removal. The Grease Nipple is normally found taped to the Grease tube when propeller originally supplied. Instructions for loading the Grease Gun can be found here.

Grease can now be pumped into the hub and the propeller should be moved from stop to stop as the grease is injected. Once grease starts to exit the propeller either from the inner / outer hub junctions or pitch cassette, the hub is filled. The grub screw should be replaced (no need for Loctite on the grub screw).

It is very important that the correct grade of grease is used and Darglow Feathering Propeller grease is recommended.

Prior to launch you must make sure that the propeller runs from forwards to reverse positions with the effort of one finger!

You can purchase the correct FeatherStream grade grease here – and grease gun here.

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