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Misty restoration

Reproduced with the kind permission of Adam Way – A&R Way Ltd, Yacht Builders and Restorers from Argyll.

Offshore Racer

Misty was built in the early 1960’s by Clare Lallow’s yard on the Isle of Wight, she was designed David Cheverton as an offshore racer and was one of his last sail boat designs before concentrating on motor boats. She was commissioned by the sail makers Ratsey & Lapthorn. I am sure that they would have used her to  test out new cloths on her alloy mast.

At the outset the ethos of Misty’s new owner was that whilst keeping her general appearance as she would have been when launched in the early 1960’s he had no qualms with up-grading her to gain optimum performance within the chosen race rules. He wanted to make her uncluttered, simple but effective.

Restoration Time

Misty came to us afloat but in a very poor stare of repair, her inside was an extreme mess with much of it stained and rotted, the cockpit was falling apart with a large ugly binnacle which housed a gearbox from an old ford truck and a wheel which dominated.  The hull was rotted on both sides in way of chainplates and the transom and surrounding structure was badly rotten.

The deck beams were almost all rotted and de-laminated. At first we expected to remove the nice teak planks on the deck and then to use them in the new deck however this was not possible as they were fastened in two directions.

In brief the work done covered hull repairs, new transom, new deck beams, new deck on double thickness ply sub-deck sealed with epoxy before laying the teak. the teak planks are swept and tapered to the ends of the boat so every plank is shaped individually. New toe rails and capping were fitted. New roof beams, cabin roof and both hatches. A complete new cockpit was built and the interior was also built from scratch apart from the forward cabin where some of the structure was saved.

Engine & Propeller

A new Vetus engine was fitted to a new shaft, seal, bearings, and tube assembly. A feathering prop from Featherstream was fitted in the aperture in the stern post and rudder. A new rudder was also made to the original drawings which, rather than attached to wheel steering was remotely controlled by wires from a dummy rudder stock further back on the stern deck and a tiller.

New Lewmar winches and sail handling were fitted to a new optimized rig plan worked out by Owen Clarke design with a new Selden mast and boom.

This was all topped off by up to the minute electronics with all the data being fed by wifi to an i-pad in the cockpit.

All of this done because Misty has a beautiful set of lines.

Restoration Gallery

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