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Moody Yachts – a short history

One of the oldest sailing yacht brands in the world


With a history stretching back almost 200 years, MOODY yachts is one of the oldest sailing brands in the world. Comfort, uncompromising seagoing capabilities, excellence in design and manufacture, an exemplary culture of shipbuilding and durability – these are the values that this classic yacht brand has embodied since 1827.

With renowned yacht architects such as Laurent Giles, Angus Primrose and Bill Dixon on board, the shipyard grew into a leading European sailing yacht manufacturer.

The ethos of Moody Yachts has remained unchanged for many years.  Exceptional engineering, quality above everything else and a simple desire to be the best.

That is why experienced sailors hold MOODY yachts in the highest regards today.

Quality yacht leader since 1827

In 1827, John Moody set up a repair yard for fishing boats in Swanwick, near Southampton. He acquired a piece of land adjacent to the river and over the years the family acquired further parcels of land as the business expanded.

The fisherman’s outstanding reputation preceded him, with the condition of his own boat impressing his colleagues so much that they approached him with requests to service their trawlers. In addition to his repair services, he quickly began to build small dinghies. This laid the foundations for the company’s future endeavours in the construction of recreational boats.

MOODY started building yachts in 1935, the first being a model called the Vindilis, for Dr Harrison Butler a famous designer of small yachts. Harrison Butler, was so impressed that he commissioned Moody to build three more yachts. The Vindilis is still in existence, more than 80 years after it first took to water.

MOODY continued building yachts until the Second World War when the company undertook Admiralty work. During the war they built small launches, landing craft and Harbour Defence Motor Launches up to 72ft and refitted over 2,000 vessels. At this time the number of employees increased from 150 to 200.

After the war MOODY continued to build wooden boats including designs by Laurent Giles.

In 1965 MOODY won the coveted Best Boat at the London Boat Show. This was one of many industry awards over the years.

MOODY had started to build GRP boats in 1965 and continued until 1989. These were designed by internationally renowned yacht designers, such as Laurent Giles, Angus Primrose and Bill Dixon. MOODY did not mould the hulls itself but assembled and fitted out its Moody range of boats at Swanwick. Moody built its marina in phases and the first phase was completed and opened in 1968.

During the 1960’s MOODY achieved cult status throughout Europe thanks to two key developments. MOODY was quick to recognise the potential for the newly developing composite markets and the use of GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) and the Solar 40 was the first GRP yacht to be produced by the brand.

In 1969, MOODY unveiled its first deck saloon yacht – a vessel designed for cruising sailors, delivering levels of comfort never seen before. The Carbineer 46 offered the kind of luxurious sense of space and comfort that could previously be found only on catamarans and heralded the development, construction and sale of deck saloon yachts – a tradition that MOODY continues to this day.

In 1973 MOODY and Marine Projects entered into an agreement to jointly develop a range of GRP sailing yachts. These yachts were marketed under the name Moody and completely built by Marine Projects, Plymouth.

Hanse Yachts AG acquires MOODY Yachts


In 2006 the owners of Moody Yachts ceased building and in 2007 the Hanse Yachts Group picked up the baton and continued the Moody name out of the factory in Greifswald, Germany.

Moody Yachts may look different from the original 1935 model; however, they continue to lead the way with their fusion of classic and modern yacht design.

MOODY Yacht Range today

MOODY’s range encompasses four models –


The MOODY DS41 is the newest yacht to the range and complements the two highly successful deck saloon yachts, the MOODY DS45 and MOODY DS54, which won first prize in the 2015 Adriatic Boat of the Year competition.

As an aft cockpit yacht, the MOODY AC41 occupies a special place in the market.

Drag Reducing Propellers FOR Moody Yachts

Darglow have supplied drag reducing props for a number of models in the MOODY yacht range. We keep an expanding database of technical information on many of our installations along with feedback from our customers.

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Rope Cutters for Moody Yachts

We have supplied rope cutters for various boats in the Moody yacht range. We keep a database of technical information on many of our installations along with feedback from our customers.

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