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FeatherStream Propeller Anode FSL03 (ZINC)


£35.79 ex. VAT

Just about the only thing you need to think about when maintaining any of our FeatherStream B-Hub model propeller.


Our FeatherStream B-HUB Zinc Conical Anode is manufactured with military grade Zinc 18001k, to provide corrosion protection.

Darglow propeller anodes are in stock and ready to ship same day.

  • Conical Zinc Anode to suit FeatherStream B-Hub models (FSL03)
  • Mil spec zinc 18001k
  • For use in salt water
  • 2 fixing holes
  • Stud size m5x25 to be applied with medium strength loctite
  • 4mm allen key required
  • Weight = 720g


  • Inner cavity diameter = 37mm
  • Hole centres = 53mm

Additional information

Weight 660 g
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 7 cm