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Spirit 111 Superyacht

Spirit 111

What a beauty she is! ? We are proud to have supplied The Spirit 111 Superyacht with her propeller ? #sailfaster with Darglow 

Introducing the Spirit 111 Superyacht…

The largest, single-masted, wooden sailing yacht to have been built in the UK since Shamrock V in the 1930s, the Spirit 111 Superyacht is also one of the most sustainable superyachts on the water today.

A truly collaborative project with innovation at its core, the 34m Spirit 111 was created to deliver beauty and performance with minimal impact on the environment. Inspired by the natural world, her fully custom interior is a blend of seamless wooden curves hand-built by Spirit’s talented team of craftsmen and women.

Using electric propulsion to regenerate the batteries whilst sailing, the yacht will be able to operate for up to four days at anchor without having to plug into shore power or start the two onboard generators.  When the superyacht crosses the Atlantic, as long as there is adequate wind, she will not need to consume any fossil fuels.

Spirit 111 Superyacht

Spirit 111 Superyacht under sailImages and more information – https://spirityachts.com/

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