A. Turner

Flexofold 2B Shaft drive


“I have been very pleased with the performance of my 2 blade Flex-O-Fold propeller. The sizing, as recommended by Darglow, seems to be spot on (incidentally the same size as the original 2 bladed fixed propeller). Fitting was quite straightforward, once I had very thoroughly cleaned up the threads on the propeller shaft.”

 “Performance under sail is definitely improved, particularly in moderate conditions when I seem to get closer to hull speed more quickly. Performance under power is similar to the old fixed blade. Certainly no loss of power going astern, and possibly a little more power going ahead. No apparent change in fuel consumption.”

 “Interestingly, there is now less propeller walk when going astern – I have not seen this mentioned anywhere as a by-product of fitting a folding propeller!”

 “I consider the Flex-O-Fold propeller to be a very worthwhile purchase.”

 Hunter Pilot 2715” 2 Blade Flexofold propeller

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