FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“My boat is a 1975 French CNSO Karate with a fairly long keel and is moored in Pauillac in the Gironde estuary. As the port is open to the estuary currents maneuvering in the port and getting in and out of the berth was very difficult except at slack water.”

 “I decided to buy a feathering propeller hoping this would help in maneuvering. As space around the propeller cage was very limited the only propeller which could fit was a Darglow FeatherStream. So I decided to buy one hoping for some improvements in maneuvering.”

 “Results are above my expectations – no prop walk – and I can now easily manoeuvre in the port and reverse against the currents and also reverse in and out of my berth which was my main reason for buying the FeatherStream propeller. An additional advantage – but not the main reason for installing this propeller – is that in forward drive the boat seems to pass more easily through the short choppy estuary waves.”

CNSO Karate – 3 Blade  FeatherStream

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