C. Buontempo

Flexofold 2B Shaft drive


“Before the 13″ Flex-O-Fold propeller I was using a three blade propeller slightly over sized. The change between the two could not have been more dramatic. First of all the engine runs much happier with the new propeller as it can now work at the designed number of rpm. Secondly the boat flies at speed rarely reached before. I recorded nearly 7 knots in flat water which for a 30 ft. with 16hp engine is quite something.

Finally the propeller also changed the speed and the comfort of our sailing as it gave us nearly one full extra knot when sailing downwind. The only drawback I noticed so far is the slightly reduced ability to manoeuvre in reverse but this is a price I was more than happy to pay for the extra performance I got in all the other situation. 

Mescal 959 – 13” Flex-O-Fold propeller

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