D. Winsbury

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


16″ 3 blade FeatherStream for Sadler 29 Yacht

“I wanted to thank you and your team for the extremely efficient service received recently to help get us underway after getting stuck at Portland having dropped a blade from our folding prop rounding Portland Bill. No one we have spoken to can believe we were able to get such a fabulous piece of equipment fabricated and delivered in less than 10 hours; you really pulled out all the stops and combined with taxis for delivery to and from I feel sure it must have been some kind of record that will be near impossible to beat.”

 The prop itself is beautiful, a piece of engineering porn, pure metallic art. The motion of the blades with fingertip pressure only is so smooth it belies belief, I thought might I might feel grittiness or cogs moving but no, it is absolutely silky through the transition. The blades are so thin too: the resistance these present to the water when feathered is so much less than a traditional bronze blade it is staggering. It actually seemed a shame to put it in seawater.”

 “In use, compared to the two blade folding prop we had previously, it is has considerably reduced vibration and no appreciable prop walk, vastly improved stopping power and the extra thrust gives considerably more confidence and control when reversing. We averaged full hull speed with no difficulty for the entire trip home from Portland to Chichester, something I have never managed before.”

 “I am very proud to have such a great piece of British engineering on our boat; you should be very proud of producing it and of the outstanding customer service we received.”

 Sadler 29 – 16” 3B FeatherStream Propeller

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