Flexofold 3B Sail drive


“I have a Yanmar sail drive and the manufacturer specifies that this must be left in neutral when sailing. The gears created an unpleasant rumbling noise under sail as my fixed blade prop rotated the sail drive. I decided to fit a folding or feathering prop last winter to avoid this noise and improve sailing performance. It was important to me that I could also retain my Ambassador Stripper which protects against fouling by the lobster pot lines which are a real hazard where I sail.”

I consulted Darglow who recommended a Flex-O-Fold 3 blader. The new prop was not cheap but as soon as I handled it I recognized the top quality (I run one the UKs leading precision engineering companies). The prop was easy to fit and has transformed the sailing performance of my Legend 33. I now get far more pure sailing and much less motor sailing. Also the motoring performance at sea and maneuverability in the marina are excellent. Fitting the prop was easy and removal for winter clean-up is a cinch.”

“If I had my money back I would buy the Flex-O-Fold again – it is the best yacht improvement I have made in 20 years.”

Hunter Legend – 3B Flex-O-Fold fitted with Sail drive

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