Duncan Weston

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


FeatherStream Propeller for Vancouver 38

Dear Nick,

Good to talk to you today and thanks for your help. As promised a review.

We purchased a FeatherStream prop for our Vancouver 38 Pilot as we were suffering with two main issues. Our boat is not the fastest but sailing performance appeared to be hampered by having a 19 inch fixed blade prop. The other issue was quite extreme prop walk.

It was really good to talk to Nick at Darglow who gave lots of helpful advice on what may best help. The process for ordering was easy and it was nice to pop into Darglow’s factory unit to collect our new propeller exactly on the promised date.

Vancouver 38 - FeatherStream Prop

The fitting of the propeller was very straight forward with good easy to follow instructions. Since relaunch we have found the sailing performance to be better by about a knot. Underway at low revs it does sound different but we have adjusted to the new normal. We have used the boat in all weathers now from flat calm to some big seaways with no issues. We still have prop walk but it is much reduced. An unexpected bonus was the boat stops a lot quicker when reverse is used and it is much more responsive to the throttle for close quarter manoeuvring.

If I had to look at what could be better, the Anode design seems a bit weak. The walls are thin around the bolt holes and our first anode wasted badly in this area with potential for an anode loss.

We have not has any issues with the prop needing extra help but Darglow are always happy to talk, give advice and provide a good fast spares service (Anodes, grease etc). All in all we are very pleased with our Darglow FeatherStream, a good product at a competitive price with good support.


Duncan Weston

Vancouver 38 – FeatherStream 3B Prop

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