E. Svedmark

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“I installed to this summer a FeatherStream propeller on my Delphia 33 yacht, and I can ensure it made a big difference.”

 “At least 0.5 knots more speed in all winds. The boat accelerate quicker overall when sailing, and in strong wind the speed is significant better, up to 1 knots,  than my previous fixed propeller. Sailing with my wife, she thought that there was something wrong with our log!”

 “The Darglow team suggested me a 3 blade 16×12 propeller to replace the 3 blade fixed 16×11 propeller. I would say that was perfectly the right choice. I have almost the same speed going forward as with the fixed propeller, and reverse is working without any problems so far. The boat has a shaft drive, and installation of the new propeller was very easy and smooth.”

 “I am very happy with the new propeller and with the support and service from Darglow staff so far. My only regrets is that I did not change the propeller already some years ago.”

 Delphia 33 – 16” 3 Blade FeatherStream

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