FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“In early summer 2016, a FeatherStream propeller from Darglow Engineers was mounted on our long-keel Yacht. After handing over data for the boat and the old propeller by e-mail, we received a parcel containing the ready for use propeller and all needed for installation.” 

“During the summer we got the following essential experiences with our sailings. During port manoeuvres, the transition from forward to reverse and vice versa goes silently and smoothly.”

 “In comparison to the previous fixed pitch propeller, FeatherStream seems to give unchanged forward thrust. The reverse thrust is somewhat increased, which is really nice.”

 “When sailing it is clearly felt that we no longer shall overcome the drag from a large propeller and we enjoy the boost in speed caused by the new feathered propeller.”

 “The purchase of a FeatherStream propeller is probably the best updating we ever made to the boat.”

 Laurin 32 – 16” 3B FeatherStream

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