G. Johnson

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“I am writing to say how thrilled we are with our new 20″ 3B FeatherStream prop. We have been living aboard our Peterson 44 sailing yacht for the past 16 years, dragging along our old fixed three blade prop until recently deciding to change it to improve sailing performance. We found the staff at Darglow to be exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful and were impressed with the engineering of the prop. It ticked all the boxes for simplicity of design, well-constructed, good value, easy to fit and good support. Additionally, we were pleased to be purchasing from a UK manufacturer where we visited the workshop for a detailed look at the prop construction. The stainless blades are a bonus as they provide greater strength and in use, we have found the inevitable barnacles are more easily removed.”

 “In practice it has exceeded our expectations. The fitting was simplicity itself following the clear instructions in the handbook. It fitted perfectly first time which was just as well with the boat in Malaysia. Sailing performance is better under all conditions. We are consistently sailing faster by a knot and able to continue under sail in much lighter airs. The prop feathers perfectly when the engine is turned off with no shaft rotation when out of gear. Under power ahead she performs at least as well as our old prop, but the real difference is experienced in reverse where the stopping power has improved dramatically. The transition between forward and reverse has always been perfectly smooth with no need to rev hard to force the change. There is a pleasing lack of vibration and no evidence of cavitation when driven hard.”

 “In conclusion I can only say I wish we had changed to a 20″ 3B FeatherStream prop earlier, the transformation in performance is brilliant and we can save a day or more on longer passages. I would recommend this propeller and the fine people behind it unreservedly and thank them all for their helpfulness and professionalism.”

 Eur Ing Graham Johnson MSc C.Eng. MIET

s/y Dream Away


Peterson 44 Yacht with – 20” 3B FeatherStream

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