G. Pearce

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“Dear Nick…After a full season of using the Feather Stream on Blue Haze, I thought you would just like to have a bit of feedback.”

 “Good selection of pitch and diameter with the engine able to reach just sub 6 knots at W.O.T at 3500 RPM on load.( Drawn from the yacht’s installed rev. counter and extrapolating speed from the GPS slack tide ) Although it not where I like to dwell for too long 😊.“

 “Well balanced and quiet with none of the previous cavitation issues experienced with the former prop.

Sailing ability enhanced considerably probably around 10% improvement in sailing boat speed especially lighter airs.”

 “Reversing manoeuvrability is very much improved with greatly reduced prop walk.

 “As for Anti foul matter I decided to follow your advice, so other than a good polish before it went in and a mid-season scrub on the slipway, I didn’t treat it. The yacht was not used very much during the last two months of the season due to some health issues but I was pleasantly surprised as to the lack of growth build-up.

Cobra 850 with 3Blade FeatherStream

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