G. Willoughby

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“It is an absolute joy to find a British company who ticks all the boxes. Firstly customer service; from meeting Chris Hares at the Boat Show, who patiently explained their products, to manufacture and delivery the Darglow team are excellent.”

“We ordered an 18″3 blade Feather stream. In my wife’s words ” that’s a sexy piece of engineering”!! And made in the UK too.”

“The main reason for wanting a feathering/folding prop was to reduce the yacht’s prop walk in reverse. It certainly has done that.”

“The bonus is knowing that with the gearbox locked in reverse I’m sailing quicker. It’s difficult to know just how much faster, it just feels faster. However when motoring I know the boat achieves the same speed at 200 rpm less than the old prop. Now some of that might be from going from 2 blades to 3. Certainly the engine now feels smoother and a little quieter.”

“I haven’t used the yacht that much this past year as it’s in France. So reversing in all the various marina situations is not yet extensive. But I’m in no doubt that all the claims on Darglow’s literature and web site are true. I only wish I had fitted their beautiful prop 20 years ago!”

 Jeanneau Sun Legende 413B FeatherStream propeller

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