Garry and Penny

FeatherStream Sail drive 3B


Having installed it I thought I would send across a quick 3B FeatherStream Prop Review “OMG!! 6.7kts that’s ridiculous!!” 

“Northshore re-launched yesterday Lunchtime and I sailed Jala2 back to the Hamble straight away.”

 “The slightly unpleasant prop wash on the rudder – Gone”

“Boat did not steer as before – Gone – back to like it always was”

“Engine not reaching correct speed – Gone – now reaches 2950 as predicted”

“Boat speed reduced – Gone – Max speed with a clean bottom used to be 6.2 occasionally saw 6.3 now 6.7 and even saw 6.8 for a fleeting glimpse, it’s amazing!!”

 “To say I am a happy boy is the understatement of the year, what a difference a pitch change makes.”

 “Very happy to wait till SBS, the one we took off will do if we need to replace before then.”

 “Thanks for a wonderful prop, it has done everything that could be expected and more.”

 “We hope you have a busy and successful year, please do not hesitate to make contact if we can help in any way.”

 MGC27 14” 3B FeatherStream

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