Graham Birdsey

2b Flexofold

Hunter Ranger 245

2-Blade FeatherStream Prop for Hunter Ranger 245 Yacht

Great service from the Darglow guys, weird shaft thread so had to make another trip from Hamble to Wareham with prop shaft in same day but they sorted it out while i waited.

My Hunter Ranger 245 just relaunched so have only motored but so far very happy. Slightly faster in forward and just as good if not better in reverse than 2-blade fixed Radice it replaced. Have also noticed less prop walk so even more manageable in reverse.

I hope the sailing benefits are just as good as this will make me a happy chappy.

Will update once i’ve been out sailing.

Thanks Darglow for your professional help in correct sizing.

Hunter Ranger 245 – 2 blade Flexofold

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