I. Barnes

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“Hello guys,” 

“We went for a trip in our Jeanneau SO 33i yesterday.

No wind so cannot comment of the ‘less drag’ side of things.” 

“I have attached a few figures for rpm against speeds, I hope these will be enough for draw a graph.” 

“Top speed is very impressive. Prop walk seems to have disappeared.” 

“Bottom is super smooth and has Seajet Shogun applied.” 

Testimonial Update…… 

“Hello Nick,” 

800 rpm. 2.5 knts

  1. 4.5
  2. 5.1
  3. 5.2
  4. 6.2
  5. 7.2
  6. 7.4 

“So very impressive top end! Running at 2500 is going to give a great cruising speed of 6 knts, of course we are now talking perfect hull and prop surfaces. “

 “All the best, Ian”

Jeanneau S.O. 33i3B 16” FeatherStream

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