J. Foster

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“We purchased our propeller after consultation with Chris the prop expert at Darglow. The boat, a 1980 hunter 37 was originally fitted with a smaller engine which had now been replaced with a Yanmar 37. This caused an issue as Chris suggested a 17inch 3blade FeatherStream which unfortunately left to little room between hull and blade Tip. This was not a problem as FeatherStream also produce a 4 blade to suit our needs.”

 “I fitted the prop myself which even although I have limited engineering experience only took 45 minutes with the aid of my Wife.”

 “To say I am pleased with this propeller is an understatement to say the least. Maneuverability has improved remarkably .Sailing to windward 3/4 to 1knot improvement, also noticed pointed higher to windward. Have sailed since a child on various boats and have to report that even although the initial purchase made me think twice and although amazing quality and a lot cheaper than the Max-Prop, I wish we had fitted one many years ago. Well done you boys and Gals at Darglow, you have certainly made an old man happy.”

Hunter Legend – 3B FeatherStream

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