Flexofold 2B Shaft drive


“I changed my Beneteau 323 (lift keel), 3 blade fixed prop to the Flex-O-Fold two blade prop in 2014. A very nicely engineered piece of kit! Simple but effective. Easy to fit and assemble.”

 “Big improvement on sailing speeds of between half and one knot.”

 “Under power the boat now reaches “cruising” speed at 2400 rpm instead of 2800. If pushed, the boat will now make over 8 knots on full power, and increase of approx. 1 knot on top speed.”

 “The only downside is a slight increase in vibration which I think is due to the change from 3 to 2 blades. Very happy with my choice and the help given by Darglow in the sizing and supply of the prop.”


Beneteau 32316” 2 Blade Flexofold propeller

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