J. Ranson

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


An update on my Moody 31 Yacht with 6” 3B FeatherStream prop…

“The prop fitted easily onto the new shaft so the only thing was to try it when the Moody 31 was launched it’s the new engine.  It all worked beautifully from new and in four months it has clocked up over 300 miles.  It drives really well and I get an improved top speed.” 

“The annoying shaft rotation when sailing is a thing of the past and the drag reduction of the feathered blades is significant.  Having gone from two blades to three it copes with a rough weather into short seas better and the speed does not keep dropping off so much when it hits a wave.  There are no vibration bands throughout the rpm range.”

“I am delighted with the purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a Darglow FeatherStream propeller.” 


“I had my Moody 31 lifted out last week after a full season on a swinging mooring, and you may distantly remember I was concerned about whether the stainless steel blades would have more barnacles than the old bronze prop. In fact it only had one! – see photo. The other photo is the old prop taken last year. So I am very pleased, you were right. I scraped the blades with a wooden scraper and the polish on the stainless came back. What should I use to really shine it up next season?” 

Your propeller has performed faultlessly all season and I can detect no wear in the pivots. During the year I was achieving faster motoring speeds with the FeatherStream prop, more punch in a chop with the additional blade, no spinning shaft when sailing and less drag when it was feathered. Well done to Darglow for an excellent product.” 

“Happy for you to use any of my comments on your site and I hope you liked my Practical Boat Owner article.” 

Moody 31 Yacht with 6” 3B FeatherStream

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