FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“Having owned Contessa 26 ‘Mischief of Teignmouth’ for six years, since fitting the prop, it like owning a new boat! Very pleased.”

“She feels so much more alive and responsive under sail, accelerating easily to increasing pressure. I estimate at least 1.5 to 2 knots faster in the same conditions, and beam reaching in a gust last Sunday we held a constant 7.4!”

“Less heel and the logical, but unexpected bonus, she goes through the tacks so smoothly and quickly.”

“I also notice under sail that the water leaving aft is quiet and smooth and the tiller no longer quivers.”

“With the Yanmar GM10 flat out she gets to 6.5 knots quickly and our cruising speed of 5 knots is achieved at a comfortable half throttle. I did have to cut an inch off the rudder as it fouled on hard over with the prop in the feathered condition but that was fairly straightforward.”

“Many thanks for a great product and great service.”

Contessa 263 Blade FeatherStream

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