Kevin Byrne

Flexofold 2B Shaft drive


2 Blade Flexofold for Hunter 28 Yacht

After all of our discussions and planning I finally installed the new propeller last Friday. A very happy day?)!!

The new coupling fitted perfectly, thanks so much for machining the correct bore, it fitted like a glove. I renewed the stern gland seal, that has been very solid and I was delighted to get it done. The new cutlass bearing was a bit of a grunt to get on but it seated perfectly and was a whole lot easier than getting the old one off!!

Measuring the correct amount to cut off the shaft was a nervous moment but I checked it several times, I allowed the inch we discussed for a possible cutter at a later stage, thankfully I got it right.

Mounting and securing the prop was a joy, the key was perfect and she slotted on to the taper without difficulty. I did as discussed and renewed the thread locker with new adhesive, I also put some locker on the grub screw for the main nut.

I put the boat into the water on Saturday morning and the prop has been working wonderfully well since then. I’m getting acceleration and forward speed at low revs that I’ve never had. I’m even getting a new phenomenon called prop wash, never felt that before:)!

We had our first race in anger last night, and we won, a great result and it made all the effort that we put into getting the boat into the water and up and running worthwhile.

A huge thanks to you Nick, I quite honestly couldn’t have done it all without your excellent advice and great support. I really appreciated the many conversations we had on my journey of discovery with the propeller, shaft, coupling and bearing.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration, it was all hugely appreciated. I wish you all the best for the future, hopefully you’re knocking some good fun out of the motor bikes in your spare time ?

Hunter 28 – Kevin Byrne 2B Flexofold Propeller

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