M. Peters

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“Hi Chris, we launched our new boat this morning.”

Well, that is, we launched the same boat, but she is transformed – I knew from the moment I reversed out of the hoist bay that astern was a big improvement!”

“We went across the Ria (here in Galicia) at one point doing 6.2kts at 2200 rpm ish (tacho over reads) with wind and tide on the beam but almost no swell. With the old prop we would see around 3.8 kts in those circumstances.”

“Other Moody S38s report 6.5 kts in similar conditions but we have a heavy cruising payload and adaptations, so I was hoping that we would see 5.5kts in those conditions and 6.2 was a real bonus.”

“Turning into 12kts wind and with a very weak tide and against a bit of swell and slight chop in the middle of the Ria we dropped to 5.6kts – we would have been doing around 3.5kts at 2400 rpm with the old prop.”

“We have yet to experience heavy sea and high wind against – to ensure that the 40hp engine copes – but the engine coped very comfortably this morning.”

Moody S38 Yacht with 3Blade FeatherStream

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