M. Saxton

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“We recently had our 38 year old Westerly Conway yachts engine replaced with a new Yanmar 45hp (4JH45CR) and realised we would also have to change the old fixed propeller. After some research we decided to buy a Darglow FeatherStream.

We were influenced by Darglow’s sales literature and on line information and the technical advice we received before placing our order. Essentially we were seeking to match propeller efficiency to the new engine with a propeller that would give us improved control especially going astern whilst also obtaining better sailing performance particularly in conditions of light winds. Our yacht is kept in the Ionian region of Greece.”

 “We have found the new propeller very well matched to the new engine giving us much improved performance both going forward but also going astern where boat handling is significantly improved. Furthermore the feathering capability, which is simple to select, gives us much improved sailing performance especially in light winds. We have found the after sales customer support and the ease of discussing technical issues to be first class.”

 “We have no hesitation in recommending this excellent British propeller to other yacht owners.”

 Westerly Conway Sloop – 18” 3B FeatherStream

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