M Williams

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


FeatherStream Propeller for Moody 346

Dear Darglow Team,

May I express how impressed and satisfied I am with the quality and performance of the Darglow FeatherStream propeller since fitting it to my Moody 346 twin keel sailboat in 2017.

I initially attended your stand at the Southampton Boat Show where it was a pleasure to speak with Nick regarding the construction and performance aspects of the propeller before he guided me through my own requirements using his extensive knowledge and patience in addressing my many questions.

Prior to fitting the new FeatherStream, I performed a series of runs in flat water at various rpm’s in order to log the performance of my old 2 blade fixed prop. Once the FeatherStream was fitted, I repeated the same runs in identical conditions and was pleasantly surprised to record an increase in boat speed for a given rpm.

However, noting that the engine was easily reaching full rpm, I considered the possibility of increasing the pitch to gain further improvement. Once again, Nick’s expert knowledge and judgement concluded that a change in pitch could be accommodated and promptly despatched a new ‘pitch cassette’ kit. The kit was easily exchanged at low water using the tools provided and following the clear instruction sheet. Another series of test-runs provided confirmation that the change in propeller pitch gave a distinct improvement in boat speed for a given rpm (see table below). Pitch adjustment is a great innovative feature of the FeatherStream and I was very happy to have chosen it over some of the alternative feathering propellers on the market.

Mark Williams - Moody FeatherStream

Furthermore, I noted a big improvement in reverse thrust performance with much less prop walk than before. General noise and vibration was much less and the cavitation experienced with the fixed 2 blade prop was now eliminated.

Boat Speed / RPM Comparison Chart for Fixed 2 Blade Prop vs Featherstream.

Yacht ‘Firecrest’ – Moody 346 Twin keel. Beta 35hp Engine with conventional shaft drive.

RPM Fixed 2 Blade Prop FeatherStream
1600 4.1 knots 4.8 knots
2000 5.6 knots 6.0 knots
2200 6.0 knots 6.3 knots
2400 6.5 knots 6.7 knots
2700 max 6.8 knots 7.0 knots


I would like to acknowledge and thank the Darglow team for their courteous service and willingness to help and advise whatever the query. It’s a pleasure to deal with people who are as passionate about their product as they are for their customers experience and satisfaction.

Many thanks


Mark Williams – Moody 346 ‘Firecrest’ with Featherstream 16” Prop
North Wales


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