Mr. Boullier

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“Nick, It was good to meet you at the Southampton Boat Show and to see at first-hand the precision engineering which goes into your FeatherStream propellers. 

“Having now had a Darglow FeatherStream propeller fitted to my Jeanneau 32.2 since this summer, photos attached, the improved boat speed under motor is greatly improved, as is the handling at close quarters and particularly in reverse when the propeller delivers both greater thrust and control. Having initially read other people’s reviews and opinions on the propeller, I wondered whether it would meet my expectations, I am pleased to say that it did. Six months later, having enjoyed battling against foul tides under motor, the propeller has never failed to deliver. Under sail, the improved boat speed is astonishing, no more prop drag just pure enjoyable sailing.” 

“Many thanks for your help in providing a solution to my woes with my old fixed two bladed propeller.” 

Jeanneau 32 – 3B 15” FeatherStream

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