Mr. Dale

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“I have just tested the replacement pitch cassette you provided, on the boat’s maiden voyage this season.  The results are as follows:”

 “I Immediately noticed better acceleration in both astern and ahead. Much more “kick” felt in the tiller.  Going astern, the prop has immediate bite. “

 “At (my previous cruising revs) of 2,800 rpm, the kick/turbulence on the rudder was felt through the tiller but the boat was doing well over 6.5 kts in flat water, compared to about 6.2-6.3 kts with the previous pitch cassette.”

 “At 2,200 rpm the boat was doing just over 6.0 kts. (So that’s my new cruising revs!)”

 “Maximum revs flat-out topped out at 3,400 rpm compared to 3,600 rpm with the previous cassette.  The Yanmar maximum rpm for the 3YM20 is quoted at 3,600 rpm.  But the boat was approaching 7.0 kts at max 3,400 rpm, i.e. rather more than hull speed.”

 “Is all the above what you would expect from the new cassette? My impression is that I can achieve the same cruising speed of around 6.0 kts at substantially less rpm – 2,200 rpm compared to 2,800 rpm – (which is good! Less engine noise and vibration) so very happy!!” 


Beneteau Sun Light 3014” 3 Blade FeatherStream

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