Mr. F

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“The FeatherStream replaced a skinny (sailing friendly) two bladed prop. The problems with the 2 blade prop were lack of immediate thrust on engaging forward, relatively poor stopping using reverse gear together with some drag when sailing. There was also a coarse vibration felt through the rudder when motoring or sailing with the prop freewheeling.”

 “The FeatherStream has given a noticeable improvement in all these areas but most importantly sailing is now faster! The boat is also now faster at all engine revs when under power.”

 “Darglow gave excellent service. They had all relevant data on my engine in order to choose the best propeller but also measured the previous propeller to ensure the correct size. They also modified the prop to fit my rope cutter. Fitting it myself was very easy, hardly more complicated than changing the anode on the sail drive.”

LM Vitesse 35– 16” 3B FeatherStream

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