Mr. Garlick

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B

Cornish Crabber

“We Should Have Bought Two! We’re a sucker for looks!”

“We fell for the Crabber 22 because it is undoubtedly the prettiest in the Crabber range, sadly it is not the fastest.”

 “After two seasons the answer was to look at a folding propeller and a visit to the Darglow works touched the same nerve. Not only were we totally impressed by the quality of the Featherstream but entranced by the appearance and functional simplicity. A finger touch moved the blades. We had to have it!”

 “On arrival we would have happily kept it on the mantle piece to admire, but of course it had to go where it was needed. “Fitting was easy, with full instructions, and we have since had a season of use.”

 “Do we go faster – yes I’m sure we do, both in strong winds and even more importantly in light airs, the Achilles Heel of the boat. It’s a mental tonic when struggling to make way!”

 “Now out of the water the prop is less shiny but will soon be so again. The blades still turn to a finger touch.”

 “That’s the Crabber fixed, now how about the mantle piece?”

Cornish Crabber 22 14” 3 Blade FeatherStream on a 2YM15 engine

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