Mr. Hellstom

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“Good Afternoon Nick and Darglow Ltd!”

 “Now we are back in Sweden after our sailing month in Greece.”

 “I am very glad to let you know that we are very impressed and satisfied with our new propeller.”

It was super impressive when I did mount it and it did fit so well, I didn’t have to do any adjustment at all!  It fit both the shaft and the key exactly as it should and was described in the installation leaflet.”

  “The propeller worked very well. It was a different sound compared to our old prop, but it pushed the 7ton boat almost at the same speed as our old bigger propeller at 2200rpm. And when sailing it was of course a very big improvement, the boat felt faster.”

 “I attach some photos where you can see both mounting it, Its place before and after 1 month in the water. (well we did scrub it!).”

 “I didn’t have my underwater camera (just the phone) so I could not film it in action, but I watched it swap direction under water with a mask, it swapped very smooth!”

 “Overall, we think the propeller was a big improvement to our boat, so please let your staff know we think you are very professional and skilled in making propellers!”

 Allegro 33 – 16” 3B FeatherStream

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