Mr. Holt

Flexofold 2B Shaft drive


Just thought I would give you feedback on my new propeller. Seems to be working perfectly, I can’t detect any delay when going into gear ahead or astern, and can’t detect any clunking or undue vibrations.”

 “Sailing speed does seem improved, I would say by 10%. So on 5 knots that is half a knot. (Which is why I bought a folding prop in the first place so I am very pleased with that.)”

 “Motoring the boat speed is absolutely fine. 5 knots on gentle throttle which is my cruising speed.  7 knots flat out with the engine on max revs. (I don’t have a tacho so have no idea of revs but it sounds like max) I reckon 7 knots is probably about theoretical maximum for a 26 foot boat.”

 “So all in all I am very happy.”


Beneteau 260 – 14” 2B Flexofold

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