Mr. Lundquist

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B

Classic/Bespoke Yacht

“Prop was a huge improvement, much faster under sail and power.  I had to cut back forward edge of rudder in aperture by about 5/8″ to make it fit — easier than shortening shaft and it kept deadwood clearance.”

 “In fact I cut back a bit of the deadwood that was not structural.  Much more efficient under power than old fixed three bladed — about half a knot faster at all rpms and drives boat easily without the thrashing about of old prop. I outpaced a sister boat with a bigger engine that I could not keep up with last year. No issues at all in going to reverse.”

 “Much smaller aperture requirements than Max-Prop. Please feel free to use my experience; very satisfied.”

Friendship Sloop Sailing Yacht14” FeatherStream

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