Mr. Robinson

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“Dear Chris……I am taking this opportunity to reply to Darglow Engineering even though my prop arrived a coupled days after ordering it in June, I only had the chance to fit it when the boat was out of the water last week.”

 “Might I say what a massive improvement on the standard Prop, for the life of me I cannot imagine not having it now it is leaps and bounds ahead of the old propeller.”

 “Example of sea trials carried out on the Engine Yanmar 59Hp  3850Hrs –  sea conditions , in harbour , semi flat water no current , less than 5 Knots of Head wind,  newly painted bottom”

 RPM                           Old Prop Knots /SOG/                                          New Prop Knots / SOG     

 900                                                  1.1                                                                      2.7   

1200                                               2.3                                                                      4.8

1600                                               3.4                                                                       5.9       

1800    Best RPM                          4.0                                                                       6.6

2200                                               4.2                                                                       7.1

Max 2960/3000 (Governed)      5.4                                                                       8.9  

 “Sailing open water with a beam reach full batten main. 140% Genoa   on 12 to 15Knots sea state small chop less than ½ a meter, long swell to 1 meter at 15 to 20 Seconds no current.” 

 With Old Prop    boat speed 4.5 to 5.5                                  New Prop 6.0 to 7.5 in these conditions

 “I am so impresses we cannot believe we have not had one fitted earlier , stopping power has increased by over 60% or more, and we no longer have any Prop walk making backing out of our slip so much easier and safer as we do not have a bow thruster.”

 “I would like to thank you for all your assistance and the fabulous Quality of your Product, it went straight on no expensive shaft work required.”

 “Finally, I would like to thank the Manufacturing Team at Darglow Engineering for the extremely high-Quality products they Manufacture and their attention to detail on the finished Product.”

 Beneteau 393 – 3B FeatherStream

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