Mr. Waller

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“I thought you would like an update on the fitting and operation of our FeatherStream Prop.”

“The propeller fitting went smoothly, all we had to do was file 1.5mm off the key, and it slipped on perfectly.”

“Our boat, a bilge keel Westerly Fulmar, was launched last week. We were amazed at the speed improvement under sail. Previously we would see speeds through the water of up to 6.2 Knots, but with the new propeller we saw 7.2 Knots. Perhaps more significant is the speed improvement in light airs – we were seeing speeds between 5 and 6 Knots where before we would have expected 4 – 5.”

“The boat motors well, but we haven’t done enough motoring yet to comment on things like maximum speed, prop walk etc. We will get round to that eventually, but for now we are just enjoying the sailing!”

Westerly Fulmar – 16” 3B FeatherStream

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