N. Anderson

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B

Cornish Crabber

“We specified a 16 inch three-bladed Darglow FeatherStream feathering propeller as an optional extra, when we ordered our new Crabber 26 “Molly” from Cornish Crabbers in 2011. Our previous experience with fixed-bladed propellers has been a bit like towing a bucket when under sail. The FeatherStream completely overcomes this problem.”

 “You can feel the difference when you cut the engine and put the throttle into reverse gear to stop the propeller from turning – the blades feather, noticeably reducing drag. When you restart the engine and put it into gear, the propeller blades immediately re-engage, whether in forward or reverse gear.”

 “Maintenance is straight forward. I have a grease gun loaded with the special grease, so when Molly is lifted out of the water I can connect the gun the nipple provided to pump grease into the hub until it squeezes out at the blade junctions. I also keep on board a replacement conical anode, which is easy to fit when we either lift out, or dry out on the beach.”

The after-sales support from Darglow has been excellent and I’ve always found their technical advice over the phone extremely helpful.”

 “Overall, I would thoroughly recommend this product for sailing boats with auxiliary inboard engines.”

Cornish Crabber 26 – 16” 3B FeatherStream

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