Oliver Probert

3b FeatherStream

Victoria 26 Muchado

3-Blade FeatherStream Prop for Victoria 26 Muchado Yacht

Even in the box it triggered a level of excitement not experienced since childhood, seeing a handle bar protruding from behind the curtains at Christmas!

Had to do a little rudder reshaping to maintain safe level of clearance, but otherwise installation was straight forward and after a full year in the water it’s still looking amazing.

The first few trips I was adamant to any one who would listen you could feel and log the benefits, especially most surprisingly in astern, an area which the Victoria due to her beautiful hull shape can be slightly unpredictable.

Alas like many performance enhancers you get used to the benefits all too quickly and they could just become the norm, with this particular modification this doesn’t ring true.

As far I can see all positives, I’ve kept the dull old two blader on a shelf in the study as a gentle reminder that like a lot of things in sailing times & technology move on!

Safe & fun filled passages everyone x


Victoria 26 Muchado – with 3-Blade FeatherStream propeller

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