P. Booth

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“Dear Sir/Madam, we purchased a Feather Stream propeller for our 2007 Beneteau Oceanis 46 because I was having difficulty in maneuvering astern in some of the small Scottish Harbours due to (in my opinion) larger than usual prop-walk.”

 “After a few years talking to other people and getting many ideas as to how to get by – I decided after seeking out other people who switched to FeatherStream to do the same – I have to admit I still had some doubts when we went ahead and bought one from you at the start of the 2018 season.” 

“However, when the prop was fitted my doubts were eased when the respected engineer that fitted it said what a fine piece of engineering it was. To be honest and not being an engineer, I was in awe of the silky-smooth shift/rotation of the blades when turning the prop by hand from ahead to astern.” 

“Once launched, we berthed and eagerly awaited fair weather for testing. Once secured alongside we checked for prop walk – but something was wrong! – we couldn’t see any wash on either port or starboard side. Thinking that it might have dropped off on the way over to the berth we walked around the bow to where we could get a view of the prop only to find that all the wash was streaming nicely from the bow and under the jetty.” 

“Over the Summer period we have put the prop through its paces and now when asked how I feel about it I can’t praise it enough.  It is British, Works like a dream and has made maneuvering astern in tight spaces much easier for a novice like myself and the rest of the crew (my wife).  We are very happy and can’t recommend the FeatherStream product highly enough.” 

“Thank you so much for making such a significant contribution to road safety.”

 “All the very best for the boat show and the future.”


Beneteau 46 – 20” 3 Blade FeatherStream

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