P. Kirby

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“To say I am pleased with the new prop would be an understatement, the new prop has transformed the manoeuvrability and sailing performance of my boat which now has a three bladed prop with the added bonus of different pitches in forward and reverse due to my Yanmar having different gearbox ratios. The result is I now get the same amount of thrust in both directions. I also get an extra ¾ knot increase sailing speed due to the feathering, but the increase in thrust of the three bladed prop as opposed to the two bladed fixed one previous has improved the motoring and close quarters manoeuvring performance considerably.”

 “The added pitch in astern has also reduced the amount of prop walk I used to have. “

 “Your companies eagerness to achieve a more than satisfactory solution when it comes to re-propping is very re assuring, and to be honest where in the UK can you get such good help/advice, and 1st Class product which is also British designed and manufactured. You must be sincerely congratulated for your product and work ethics when it comes to customer satisfaction. Thank you.”

 Hurley 30/90 – 14” 3B FeatherStream Propeller

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