Per jellqvist

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“In short the installation could arguably be the best thing I have ever bought for our boat. The propellers are fantastic and so are the Aqua drives.”

Here is a list of advantages I have noticed with the FeatherStream propellers for us (keeping in mind that we have two motors/shafts/propellers, and we upgraded from 3 blade fixed props).”

– Can’t hear or feel the props/shafts while sailing at all since they remain fixed and don’t spin at all.
– We get significantly more speed in light winds.
– Probably more speed in strong winds but this is marginal and hard to measure.
– Much less drift in light winds (we have a very shallow keel and used to drift quite a lot).
– Port tack always seemed better before but now both tacks are identical, my guess is that since I always had the propellers free flowing (i.e. spinning) while sailing before this must create a pull (prop walk) in one direction which affected starboard tack negatively.
– The stern does not pull as much (to left and right) when going downwind with following waves. The autopilot now therefore has to work much less downwind with following waves. As in the previous point I think this was due to the old fixed propellers always spinning and thus pulling the stern when surfing (increased spinning) down a wave.

– Quicker take-off going forward.
– Much quicker take-off going in reverse.
– Much easier to manoeuvre with the two engines (one back and one forward) in tight situations.
– Much better breaking force when you quickly need to stop.
– Much less prop walk when going astern.
– Overall the handling while motoring just feels so much better.
– The fuel consumption has increased marginally and I will monitor this again this summer.
– The speed at a given rpm is slightly lower now. Example 2000 rpm before 7 kts, now 6.6 kts. This is however very hard to measure as there are so many other factors to consider but my tests were done in virtually flat calm sea, with a totally clean hull, and very little current. More test would be needed for a more precise comparison but I can’t test the old props anymore.”

“Many thanks from a very happy customer, great products and great customer service!!”

Gulfstar 54 Sail cruiser – 18” FeatherStream Propeller

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