Peter Booth

3b FeatherStream


FeatherStream Propeller for Beneteau Oceanis 46

Currently we sail on the West Coast of Scotland.

We bought our Beneteau Oceanis 46 second hand in 2017 and a Darglow 3 blade FeatherStream for it back in 2018 after finding issues with the fixed prop and prop walk was unacceptable even with significant practice.

The result since then has been and continues to be phenomenal.

Little-to-no prop-walk and the vessels speed seemed to gain almost a knot over the old prop when the blade is feathered and under sail even with sails that were as baggy as an old mans underpants. (We have since replaced them).

Power astern seems almost as strong in astern as it is ahead and all it takes is a little grease for lubrication and a new anode every year.

Downsides: For me none really, but if I have to say something – probably cleaning – haven’t yet quite managed to get the shine of the brand new boss but probably a new type of elbow grease will do it.

Would I recommend: Absolutley yes and I do so as and when I hear about other tales of prop walk or anyone considering a new prop.

Would it work as well on a long keel – I don’t know but ask Darglow they are excellent and will answer any questions truthfully, with knowledge and humility. Sadly something that seems to be becoming more and more rare as time goes by.

What else can I say but Thank you all at Darglow, your prop has made our time sailing easier, more pleasurable and more efficient.

Beneteau Oceanis 46 fitted with a 3 blade FeatherStream

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