R. Hallett

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“I meant to mail you long ago to say how delighted we are with the propeller and Darglow’s service.

“When motoring it matches the boat/engine combination nicely running at almost exactly 2500 rpm and is much smoother and more responsive.”

“When sailing the increase in top speed is noticeable until the hull speed/waterline length prevents it going much faster. It gets to that speed much more easily now in lighter winds.”

The more significant gain is in all the intermediate speeds up to hull speed in lighter winds which seems to be as much as 1 ½ knots. I didn’t really notice towing the tender before but now the hull is so much more easily driven I take pains to lift it aboard.”

 “I’m sure you know all this from other propellers, but it was nice for us to buy from a firm that gives prompt service and delivers what it says.”

 Southerly 115 – 18” FeatherStream

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